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Planet earth sustainability

How we define sustainability

Organic cotton plant

Clothing Materials

Made from 100% organic cotton and packed in sustainable packaging materials.

CEO Freek with the manufacturer

Ethical Production

Made in Portugal by a manufacturer that is fully screened and treats their employees well.

Clothing Waste

Clothing Waste

Top-quality products that are produced in relatively small batches, so that none have to be wasted.

Clothing Materials

Collection of fabrics

At Bigger Picture Clothing we only make use of organic cotton, which leads to a 70 to 91% decrease in the water that is used for our production, compared to regular cotton. On top of that, no chemicals are added to our fabrics. Also in general, there is 46% less CO2 emission with organic cotton, compared to conventional cotton.

We implement a sustainable mindset in every aspect of our business. This means that we do not just look at the sustainability of the end-product. We see the bigger picture and strive to be sustainable from the energy that our manufacturer uses (solar-energy), to the eventual packaging material that you as a customer will receive.

Ethical Production

Unethical fashion production

Our clothing is produced in Portugal. The manufacturer is fully screened and we can ensure that there is no unfair or unsafe labor that goes into making our clothes. Employees work no more than 8 hours a day and are paid as they should be. No child labour is present in our supply chain. 

On the picture you see me with the boss of the manufacturer and a thumbs up, which means that I have personally checked whether the manufacturer meets all the requirements that we as Bigger Picture Clothing demand.

Freek with the manufacturer

Clothing Waste

Clothing landfill full of waste

At Bigger Picture Clothing, we sell top quality products that will last longer, in order to fight the gigantic waste of the fashion industry. Furthermore, we produce small drops in limited quantities to ensure that we minimise the waste of every single drop that we produce. With specific days, such as ‘Black Friday’ you will not see us act in the same way as the fast-fashion industry does. We will not offer extreme discounts, in order to maximise the amount of sales we have, but we will put our own twist to it. Just the fact that at one side of the planet we throw away a hoodie that we have worn once, while on a distance of 1.000 kilometers beyond, people do not even have access to 1% of the water that was used to produce that hoodie, is a fact to which we do not want to contribute. 

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