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Kids in Tanzania getting clean drinking water which is donated by Bigger Picture Clothing in a partnership with Made Blue.

Fighting water scarcity in Ethiopia & Tanzania

Horrific numbers

Hands being washed
Woman holding bucket of clean drinking water

How we fight water scarcity

In order to fight this massive problem, we have established a partnership with MadeBlue. On our behalf, MadeBlue invests in water supplies in countries with permanent water scarcity, such as Ethiopia & Tanzania. For every product we sell, we donate 1.000 liters of clean drinking water to the villages Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia & Ngomai, Tanzania. MadeBlue does not only donate the liters of clean drinking water, but they also make sure that the water facilities are sustained by local people (who are educated for this cause), which creates an infrastructure of people that benefit from the water facilities.

With your order you will receive an official certificate that proves that we have donated 1.000 liters of clean drinking water for every item that you ordered, on your behalf.

Sustainable development

In the first months of our start-up we received a lot of feedback on the topic of sustainable development. In other words: ‘How do we make sure that we have an impact that will positively impact people’s living circumstances in a way that it will stimulate permanent development?’. This projects provides sustainable development in the following way:

Girl enjoying clean drinking water