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Disrupting the sustainable fashion industry, ‘an impossible ambition’ according to 99% of people that I told about this ambition, as a 21-year-old student. A lot of fashion businesses just donate a certain amount of money to large charities and don’t get me wrong, I think that is beautiful. However, I do not believe that this is the right way. At Bigger Picture Clothing we want to go further than that, we want to connect the customer with their impact, by creating a transparency level of 100%. In this way every customer is able to see the exact impact that they have had with their purchase and in this way you are able to spread joy & inspire others.

Freek and Sambu making bigger picture sign

In the press

Our Journey

May 2023

5th of May, Launch-day!

It took way longer than we wanted, a lot of challenges we faced, numerous times we failed, but that makes this day even better. We can launch our new drop! The 5th of May is a day where we stand still and honor our freedom (in the Netherlands). The perfect day to dedicate a new premium T-shirt from the Bigger Picture to this important construct, Freedom. Something we can not value enough, and a value which we hope to one day share with the whole world. It is a day of celebration, as well as a day of realizing that freedom is not provided to anyone on our planet.

We can’t wait for your response and hope to grow the movement even further in 2023. For now, we are going to drink a champagne to celebrate this day, for which we worked long & hard. Cheers, to freedom!

April 2023

First Photoshoot for our new product in Melbourne, Australia

The new product is finally fully produced. As our CEO is traveling Australia, we have to adapt for the content creation. Why not move the photoshoot to Australia, instead of ourselves back to the Netherlands. Networking for a new photographer, new models and borrowing new equipment. We have to be creative, but find a great response and a lot of people are willing to help! In the end we can not be more delighted with the result.  

Two models wearing Bigger Picture Clothing new T-shirt.
August 2022

First Pop-up Stand!

We were invited to take a stand on the FeelGood Market at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. We officially created our first offline sales, introduced the Bigger Picture concept to a large number of people and we were able to donate an extra 45.000 liters of clean drinking water! It was a good weekend 😉

July 2022

Tilburg University Challenge '22

In the beginning of our journey, we were able to win the Tilburg University Challenge. Words can’t describe how much both the funds, advice and support have helped us to develop our concept. In this years’ challenge we were invited to attend the final, not as a candidate, but in an advisory role. It was amazing to hear all about new innovative ideas from young entrepreneurs.  

June 2022

Documentary is live!

Together with filmmaker Tijs and presenter/YouTuber Frank, we went back to The Gambia. We were able to make real and significant impact for a long-term in a sustainable way. We couldn’t be happier than we are with this partnership. Go check it out for yourself and experience a glimpse of Gambian life.

May 2022

Bigger Picture X All Stars Eindhoven

As we are still developing a new collection, we wanted to try out some new ideas in the meantime. Therefore, we participated in some real fun and innovative collaborations. For example, with Dutch football organization, ‘All Stars Eindhoven’. We designed a custom badge that matches the Bigger Picture style. It was a cool way to spread the Bigger Picture message nationally in the Netherlands.

Sustainable fashion partnership with all stars eindhoven.
April 2022

Gambia 2.0

After our first mission to The Gambia 1 year ago, we were invited to collaborate for a project together with Dutch YouTuber and presenter Frank van der Slot. Frank collected around €15.000 together with his community and we invested it in projects related to education & local sports. A documentary about all the insights and experiences of this journey will be launched soon on Frank’s YouTube channel. We are very happy that we were able to contribute with our knowledge, contacts and understanding of the area. Thanks Frank for all of your great efforts as well! Our brand will be introduced to a large new group of potential members of… The Bigger Picture🤝

March 2022

A Social Media Freeze

As we entered a period of optimizing current operations, without a lot of new things happening, we started wondering. Why are we posting, just for the sake of posting? What is the use for our community in this? That is when we realized.

We started a social media freeze and announced it on our socials. We will only post useful and valuable content, so as long as we have nothing new to post, we won’t 😉

Dion wearing the white essential tee from sustainable fashion brand Bigger Picture Clothing.
February 2022

Time to step up our game & evolve.

We took a little time off, to take a step back and look at the bigger… 😉

Traveling, experiencing new cultures & meeting new people, is a way for us to gain new inspiration for our business. That’s why we took some time off. Our little trips provided us with lots of new ideas, both for projects as for fashion items. We are going to focus even more on the ‘transparency-aspect’ within the strategy. Good things are on their way, we are hyped & you will be too 😉

January 2022

Let's start designing again!

A new year, new energy, new inspiration, let’s make it all come together in a new project/collection! We started designing in the beginning of 2022. The collection requires more unique designs that are closely related to the purpose that will be behind it (psst… something to do with rainforest)

December 2021

WOW! We won the Tilburg University Start-Up challenge!

Wow, still can’t believe it, we won the official Tilburg University Challenge 2021! The jury praised our combination of being both a social enterprise, while providing a high-quality sustainable and commercial product. We won free office space, guidance from multiple experts and €4.000 of investment, this is such a boost for our community, grateful <3

November 2021

A new challenge & Black Friday!

We started a new challenge in which we transparently show our progress in reaching certain goals during the last 50 days of the year. Goals include, for example, making 3 celebrities wear your brand, being broadcasted on the news, donating > 300.000 liters of water, etc. On top of that, we had our first ever successful Black Friday campaign!

Kids in Tanzania getting clean drinking water which is donated by Bigger Picture Clothing in a partnership with Made Blue.
October 2021

Over 100.000 liters of clean drinking water!

We just made our first donations to our new projects. We donated 100.000 liters of clean drinking water to Ethiopia & Tanzania. On top of that, we donated €460 to our local sunscreen production in Côte d’Ivoire, with which 4.680 portions of sunscreen can be produced. That makes us proud, together we can establish the new world!

September 2021

Global Domination 😉

We managed to sell our products internationally to the following countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Austria & Australia. 

Thijmen and Freek, the CEO from Bigger Picture Clothing, together at the first fotoshoot in the lochal in Tilburg, having a laugh.
August 2021

We are live!

We finally went live and what a launch day it was! We received so many messages full of love and positivity, words can’t describe how grateful we are. This is just the beginning of our journey 😉

July 2021

Preparing for Launch day - 10 Aug

Finally, after a year of hard work and learning, we are working towards the launch day! 657 products arrived at our office and we are ready to sell them! Doing photoshoots, finalizing packaging materials, running social media campaigns and spreading the word were our main activities this month! 

Unisex T-shirts from 100% organic cotton & made in Portugal.
Models in our Energetic Elephant sweater
June 2021

1st collection loading...

Did the first small photoshoot with the final samples. Preparing everything for the launch of the 1st collection in July 2021!

May 2021

First nomination!

Nominated for the top 100 Dutch young sustainable entrepreneurs and start-ups. Agreed to work on a project in Côte d’Ivoire, in order to support the local albino community.

Planet earth sustainability
Logo and slogan of BPC
April 2021

Working in silence

Working on a new website together with Ecoteers. Improving the fitting for the first collection. Designing packaging materials and talking with potential customers, in order to gain information on their wishes.

March 2021

Recap of our mission

Followed a course in video editing. Created a video as a recap of our mission to the Gambia. Grew our social media accounts. Designed sustainable packaging materials and ordered them.

February 2021

A magical experience

Finished and launched the website. Went to Gambia from the 19th of February till the 6th of March, in order to make sure that all the gift boxes end up where they should. 

January 2021

Making moves online

Kept focusing on building a community through social media, especially on TikTok. Started building the website. Established a partnership with MadeBlue, in order to fight water scarcity in Ethiopia & Tanzania. Received the 1st samples and provided feedback to the manufacturer.

Freek with a BPC sign
December 2020

Social media

Publicly online on social media. Started conversations with multiple organisations with which we could potentially establish a partnership in Côte d’Ivoire.

November 2020

Support Gambia

Started my social initiative ‘support Gambia’ on the 1st of November and ended up with 166 gifboxes and lots of other supplies on the 25th of November.

Freek with the manufacturer
October 2020

Portugal, we are coming!

Flew to Portugal and visited multiple potential manufacturers, in order to screen them and select the most sustainable one.

September 2020

Officially registered

Officially registered my company, designed the logo and the first clothing line.

August 2020

Created the brand

Came up with the name ‘Bigger Picture Clothing’ and mapped out the entire brand’s DNA.

July 2020

Our journey began in 2020

Started with acquiring skills that I need for this business. Think of learning fashion design in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, researching the fashion industry and watching hours and hours of start-up related video’s. I built an office in the storage room of my student house.

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